Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today I want to publish a list of my goals. Things I aspire to see happen in my house. Things that I know will take a while to implement but that's why we call them goals and not "things-that-will-happen-immediately-and-work-perfectly"
  • More eating dinner together, at the table
  • A daily family devotion (at the dinner table?)
  • Better implementation of the "chore chart" & allowance
  • A better organized chore schedule for myself
  • More structured homework/study time
  • Less TV/Internet
  • Better nutrition/health

Being a wife and mom is my number one job and I feel like lately if I were given a performance review, I wouldn't be receiving a raise. We get so busy with all of the activities and commitments that sometimes "family" gets put on the back burner. Even when we're all home, one is on the computer, someone else is playing video games and we're making a run for the border for a fast food fix for dinner. Call me old fashioned but I really want to get back to the simple things. Cooking a meal for my family, sitting down together in a semi-clean house to eat and talk about the day, and generally feeling less overwhelmed by the chaos we've created for ourselves.