Tuesday, May 12, 2009


NOTHING around my house works the way it is supposed to. *IF* I get a free moment without a child destroying something, crying, needing changed, fed, helped with homework or some other minor crisis.... I try to spend a few minutes doing something I enjoy. Working on photos, working in the garden, etc. BUT- I can never find what I need. And when I do find it, it's broken or missing a part or I can't find the cord to it. Grrr...

Some days I want to move to a deserted island where I can organize everything just so and nobody will touch it, or move it, or break it. On my island there would be rows of shelves and drawers and file cabinets. All perfectly organized. All labeled. All dusted and clean. I would know where everything is. I would sit down to do a project and everything I need would be right at my fingertips in perfect working order.

Hey- a girl can dream right?

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