Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today I went to pick up some Canna bulbs from a guy who was selling them on Craigslist. I got 20 for me and 10 for my mom for $1 a piece. When I was at Walmart later, they had them for $5 a piece...good deal!

But here's the great part: I emailed him later to thank him again and say it was nice to meet him. When he emailed me back he said he was glad I was so excited about them. It turns out, these bulbs have quite a history. Each fall after the foliage dies off you dig up the roots like potatoes and store them for the winter. You always have more than what you planted and they multiply each year. These bulbs came from his plants which he has been growing for about 7 years in his back yard. But that's not where the story starts for my little Cannas. Apparently about 65 years ago his grandmother traded a gallon of milk and some farm fresh eggs from her farm in Arkansas for a handful of bulbs. His family has been growing and passing down plants from this same set of bulbs for decades!

What a neat thing to be a part of. It will be so much fun to plant these and watch them grow. But it will be even more fun to retell the story to people who see them!

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